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You Found the Lamb.

Hi, I’m Daniel.

If you’re looking for marketing consulting and copywriting, visit my business page, Holland Creative.

If you’re looking for more about me as a creative person, you’re in the right place.

I am the cofounder and editor of gutwrench. journal and I also pen short flash fiction stories which occasionally pop up at The Five Hundred.

I do music stuff, too. I picked up a degree in guitar performance from AIMM about a decade ago.

You can track me down on YouTube and BandCamp for some interesting sounding things.

I do a lot of volunteering and mentoring as well. I work as one of the consulting editors of the forthcoming magazine, the Mainline: Music, News and the Human Condition – check out their Kickstarter campaign!

I’m also the Assistant Marketing Director for the Atlanta Fringe Festival.

These days, you can find me behind the keyboard at my daily hustle as senior copywriter at Response Mine Interactive in Buckhead, GA.

If I’m not in the office, I’m probably enjoying some down time with my wife, my dog and friends at Volkstuin in Austell, GA – my new home base.

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