Twitter Essays

The Twitter Essay project was the work upon which I began my study of material culture this semester. At the time of writing the first tweets, I had read a few essays on the subject and was still coming to understand the scope of the matter. The original tweets show a more of a sweeping overview of how we as human beings coincide and relate with objects. The original pair of tweets also lacks the multimodality, which I’ve learned to employ over the course of the semester. From the peer review process and working with the grading rubric, I was able to widen the modalities and foci of these essays by refocusing my energy on utilizing the conventions of Twitter to achieve multimodality.

The most recent pair of tweets picks up where I left off at the beginning of the semester— in these, I’m working with the visual mode and the linguistic mode. One of the tweets includes #gaspillage, which is the French word for “waste,” used in this context to add a multilingual layer in the conversation I’m engaging about the Coca Cola Company’s exploitation of India’s natural resources. Using some of the photos from other projects this semester, the 3-D modeling project and the Photo Essay, allowed me to expand my Twitter modality and refocus the rhetoric of these tweets, to address material culture in a more expository voice, drawing from research and writing I’ve done over the course of my study this semester.

The revised tweets:


Below are the original tweets: